Corporate Responsibility

Protecting shareholder value
The Stride Stapled Group comprising Stride and Stride Investment Management Limited (SIML) is committed to protecting and enhancing Shareholder value through proactive corporate governance procedures. The Stapled Group has adopted a set of corporate governance procedures and policies to promote sound decision making.

Corporate governance role of the Boards of Stride and SIML

Each Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of Stride and SIML respectively. These responsibilities include:


  • setting strategic direction and appropriate operating frameworks
  • monitoring management’s performance within those frameworks
  • ensuring there are adequate resources available to meet the relevant company’s objectives
  • appointing and removing the Chief Executive and overseeing succession plans for the executive team
  • approving and monitoring financial reporting and capital management
  • approving timely and balanced communication to shareholders
  • monitoring financial solvency
  • ensuring that effective risk management procedures are in place and are being used
  • promoting and authorising ethical and responsible decision making by Stride and SIML
  • ensuring the Stapled Group has appropriate corporate governance structures in place, including standards of ethical behaviour
  • ensuring the Boards are, and remain, appropriately skilled to meet the changing needs of Stride and SIML
  • planning, delivering, monitoring and reviewing effective health and safety
  • evaluating the Stapled Group’s performance with respect to its diversity policy, and reviewing its diversity policy, at least once per annum.


Board charter

The Boards have adopted a charter, which sets out the responsibilities of the Boards in more detail. Download the charter


Board committees

To assist each Board in fulfilling its duties the following committees have been established, each with its own charter:


  • Audit & Risk Committee
    To assist each Board in fulfilling its responsibility to the shareholders, potential shareholders and investment community relating to the corporate accounting and reporting practices of Stride and SIML and the quality and integrity of the Stapled Group’s financial reports. Download the charter
      Audit & Risk Committee members:

    • John Harvey, Chairman (Independent)
    • Michael Stiassny (Independent)
    • Tim Storey (Independent)


  • Remuneration & Nomination Committee
    To review and approve the executive remuneration policy to enable the Stapled Group to attract and retain executives, and to maintain Boards that have an appropriate mix of skills and experience to be an effective decision making body that will create value for Shareholders. Download the charter


      Remuneration & Nomination Committee members:

    • Michael Stiassny, Chairman (Independent)
    • John Harvey (Independent)
    • Tim Storey (Independent)
    • David van Schaardenburg (Independent)
    • Michelle Tierney (Independent)


Other special purpose committees may be established to deal with specific issues from time to time.

Adoption of market disclosure policy

The Stapled Group’s continuous disclosure protocol is in place to ensure all material information is disclosed to NZX Limited in accordance with the continuous disclosure requirements of the Companies Act 1993 and the NZX Limited Main Board Listing Rules. A committee – comprising the Chairman, the Chief Executive, the Chief Financial Officer and a Disclosure Officer – is responsible for overseeing and, if appropriate, coordinating the disclosure of material information relating to the Stapled Group to NZX Limited. All information provided to NZX Limited for public release will also be posted to this website. Download the Market Disclosure Policy


Ethical standards

The Boards have adopted a Code of Ethics for directors, officers and employees of the Stapled Group. The code establishes standards for workplace conduct, adherence to the Stapled Group’s securities trading policy and guidelines, fair dealing with customers, and the avoidance of conflicts of interests, including in decision making, financial affairs and outside engagements. Download the Code of Ethics


Directors’ and employees’ dealings in shares

The Boards have adopted a policy governing trading in stapled securities by directors, officers and employees. The policy makes it clear that it is inappropriate to trade generally and requires notification and clearance of intended trading. The policy also identifies trading windows and notes other limitations on directors, officers and employees.


Health and Safety

The Boards have adopted a charter on health and safety. The charter demonstrates each Board’s commitment to leading health and safety at the Stapled Group, and outlines each Board member’s due diligence responsibilities to ensure that the Stapled Group complies with its health and safety duties. Download the charter

Sustainable property development and ethical corporate governance are at the heart of the Stride Stapled Group, a leader in New Zealand investment funds.