Notification of Issue of Securities

Notification of Issue of Securities

Notification of Issue of Securities 13/09/2012

13 September 2012
Market Information Services Section
NZX Limited



For the purposes of Listing Rule 7.12.1 of the NZSX Listing Rules, DNZ Property Fund Limited advises the following securities have been issued pursuant to the issuer’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan:

a) Class of security: Ordinary Shares
b) Number issued: 866,808
c) Issue Price: $1.5369
d) Payment terms: Cash, pursuant to the Dividend Reinvestment Plan
e) Amount paid up: In full
f) Percentage of total class issued: 0.35% of the total shares on issue immediately prior to the issue of the new shares
g) Reason for issue: Dividend reinvestment in respect of the dividend payable of 2.25 cents per share payable on 13 September 2012.
h) Authority for issue: Dividend Reinvestment Plan dated 16 July 2012 and board resolution dated 15 August 2012.
i) Terms of issue: The shares will rank equally in all respects with existing ordinary shares of the Company at the date on which they are issued.
j) Total number of securities after issue: 248,442,898
k) Treasury stock: N/A
l) Date of issue: 13 September 2012

A total of 59,175,905 shares or 23.9% of shares on issue at record date participated in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan in respect of the dividend payable on 13 September 2012.

For Further Information Please Contact:
Jennifer Whooley, Chief Financial Officer, DNZ Property Fund Limited
DDI: 09 913 1150 – Mobile: 021 536 406 – Email: [email protected]

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