2015 Annual Meeting Results

2015 Annual Meeting Results

DNZ Property Fund Limited (DNZ) 2015 Annual Meeting Results 22/07/2015

DNZ has declared the poll results of the four resolutions put to the Company’s Annual Meeting in Auckland this morning. All four resolutions were passed as follows:


Resolution 1

That the re-appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers as auditor of the Company be recorded and the directors be authorised to fix the auditor’s fees and expenses.

Votes for: 107,455,000 (99.91%)
Votes against: 93,724 (0.09%)
Resolution passed.

Resolution 2

That Timothy Ian Mackenzie Storey be re-elected as a director of the Company pursuant to clause 20.3 of the Constitution.

Votes for: 106,833,147 (99.82%)
Votes against: 118,117 (0.18%)
Resolution passed.

Resolution 3

That Edward John Harvey be re-elected as a director of the Company pursuant to clause 20.3 of the Constitution.

Votes for: 107,219,223 (99.93%)
Votes against: 75,774 (0.07%)
Resolution passed.

Resolution 4

That, with effect from the start of the financial year commencing on 1 April 2015 (FY16), the aggregate Directors’ fee pool
(being a monetary sum per annum limit payable to all directors) for the Company, pursuant to Listing Rule 3.5.1(a), be increased from $450,000 to $625,000.

Votes for: 94,421,752 (89.39%)
Votes against: 11,204,318 (10.61%)
Resolution passed.

The Board has also determined, in accordance with NZX Main Board Listing Rule 3.3.2, that Tim Storey and John Harvey are “Independent Directors”.



For Further Information Please Contact:

Tim Storey, Chairman, DNZ Property Fund Limited
Mobile: 021 633 089 – Email: [email protected]

Peter Alexander, Chief Executive Officer, DNZ Property Fund Limited
DDI: 09 913 1154 – Mobile: 0275 443 678 – Email: [email protected]

Jennifer Whooley, Chief Financial Officer, DNZ Property Fund Limited
DDI: 09 913 1150 – Mobile: 021 536 406 – Email: [email protected]

DNZ Property Fund Overview
DNZ Property Fund Limited (“DNZ”) owns one of New Zealand’s largest diversified investment property portfolios with $872.4 million (as at 31 March 2015)
of commercial office, retail and industrial properties located in the main urban areas throughout New Zealand. As at 30 June 2015, DNZ owned 42 properties
with 291 tenants, a weighted average lease term (WALT) of 5.4 years and an occupancy rate of 99.1% over a net lettable area of 337,568m².

DNZ Property Fund Limited is a Portfolio Investment Entity in which investors hold shares and is managed by its own internal management team.
DNZ is also the manager of Diversified NZ Property Fund Limited, a $118.4 million (as at 31 March 2015) commercial property fund.

DNZ’s top 10 tenants as at 30 June 2015: Bunnings, Progressive Enterprises (Countdown), Foodstuffs (PAK’nSAVE & New World), ASB, NZ Government,
The Warehouse, Fletcher Building, Westpac, Meridian and Lion. These 10 tenants represent 51% of DNZ’s total contract rental.

FY16 First Quarter Dividend
Annual Meeting Chairman and Chief Executive Address