COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

COVID Vaccination Requirements for Visitors & Service Providers
Stride is committed to keeping our people and visitors to our offices safe and healthy. Our health and safety strategy is built around the objective of ensuring that our people are healthy and return home safe and well.

Stride believes that vaccination is a critical tool in managing the spread and
control of COVID-19 and for minimising the risk of harm to our employees,
contractors, visitors and public who visit our premises. Stride is committed
to keeping people safe from COVID-19.

We also acknowledge and respect that vaccination is a personal choice, and that certain people may have medical reasons why vaccination is not possible. However, Stride has a key obligation to protect the health and safety of workers and others entering our places of work.

Having carefully considered options to ensure the health and safety of persons who work for Stride and who visit our premises, Stride has determined that from 1 January 2022:


  • All persons accessing offices occupied by Stride staff (which includes employees, visitors and contractors) must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • All contractors and consultants performing work on properties managed by Stride (which includes offices occupied by Stride staff) where they may come into contact with other people must be fully vaccinated. This does not include tenants and their employees, contractors, and visitors within the tenant’s area of responsibility, nor does it include members of the public.


Fully vaccinated means you have received all applicable doses of a Government-approved COVID-19 vaccine and are able to show proof of vaccination.


Further information about our policy as it applies to contractors and consultants visiting properties managed by Stride can be found here: Stride Property COVID Policy.